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Comprehensive Testing Strategies For Modern Microservice Architectures

30 mins
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  • Adelina Simon

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It’s not finished until it’s tested and monitored. Experienced developers know that a comprehensive testing strategy is vital to a healthy microservice architecture. However, as the system grows and changes without any central oversight, the complexity of our test scenarios dramatically increase as well.

This session will explore strategies for adding testing to the product development process, making it easy to verify the integrations between services and communicate expected behaviours between engineering teams.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the challenges of testing distributed architectures (event driven, HTTP based)
  • Learn the fundamentals of TDD and the different types of tests (unit, integration, contract, E2E, performance)
  • How to write efficient tests at every level of the application
  • Discover the importance of code robustness and error detection strategies (monitoring & alerting best practices)

This session is for you if…you are a Software Engineer and QA Professional.

Please note all of the concepts included in this talk will be demonstrated with a Go example application, but pre-existing knowledge of Go is not required.

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