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Digital Strategy Lead

RBS International

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Agata Grela is a multidisciplinary agent for change in the space of innovation, finance, and technology with a rich academic background and a distinguished professional career that has seen her integrate the worlds of economics, digital transformation, strategy and innovation. Her education began at Chelsea College of Art and Design and London College of Communication, where she honed her creative and design skills.

Embarking on her professional journey in the finance industry with Barclays Bank, where she started to explore the intersection of finance, design and systems thinking, leveraging her unique perspective to bring fresh insights into the organisation. Her journey continued at RBS International, where she worked for global institutional and funds clients, merging her financial acumen and strategic skills with her innovation-led thinking. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Said Business School, University of Oxford, where she delved into emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. At RBSI, Agata spearheaded a future-focused digital transformation programme, steering the organisation into a new era of technological fluency and innovation.

Agata is passionate about creating a diverse and innovative culture. She champions the development of a future-ready mindset among her colleagues and leadership, equipping them with the technology and data skills that unlock their full potential. Agata stands at the forefront of thought leadership, providing visionary steering on the implementation of emerging technologies.

Agata’s combination of vision, strategic thinking and expertise in finance and technology, positions her as an inspiring leader capable of guiding us towards an equitable and diverse future that is not just technologically advanced, but also socially and environmentally conscious.

Fun Fact: “My husband pointed out that my art school abstract paintings look identical to my open banking systems diagrams”

Which makes me wonder whether I would now be painting paintings if I had studied finance.

Speaker Sessions


Envisioning A Flourishing Future With Innovative Technology

30 mins
  • Track - Future Impact
  • Data
  • Sustainability
  • Agata Grela

    Digital Strategy Lead

    RBS International

Dive into the world of breakthrough technologies and innovative concepts reshaping business and organisational structures. This session invites you to expand your perspective, unlocking your power to architect a future that is equitable and prosperous for all.

We will collectively envision a future where challenges become catalysts for innovation, using the collective imagination and the synergy of brilliant minds with a shared vision.

In this fast-paced technological and business landscape, our presentation will offer practical ways to integrate pioneering advancements into your organisations. We will also focus on the evolving nature of leadership and provide insights to lead your teams in this uncertain and exciting future.

Our goal is to create a technologically advanced future that is also socially responsible and sustainable. Every decision we make impacts the future – and we aim to make those impacts positive and inclusive.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding pioneering technologies and concepts transforming the business landscape.
  • Discovering essential leadership skills and mindsets for the future, such as creative thinking, resilience, and agility.
  • Learning how to leverage technology for creativity and innovation.

This session is for you if…you’re a tech guru, emerging leader, or a professional passionate about an equitable future, this session promises a wealth of information and insights to help shape your organisation and the future of technology.

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