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Anna is a Principal Researcher at Unit 42 in the Netherlands and an advisor to EUROPOL and ENISA, specializing in combating cybercrime and advancing threat-informed defense. Her expertise spans cyber threat intelligence, underground economics, and cyber behavior analysis. Originally aspiring to be a Taiwanese diplomat, Anna’s career took a turn towards cybersecurity, where she has thrived by continuously seeking new tools and learning approaches to enhance her skills. She focuses on integrating technical abuses with human-centric threats and is committed to enhancing proactive cyber threat intelligence and incident response programs. Passionate about diversity in cybersecurity, Anna actively mentors women, helping them break barriers and establish a presence in the information security industry.

Fun Fact:
Anna used to be a movie set designer and invested in a microbrewery in Asia.

Speaker Sessions


People-Powered AI: Tackling Tomorrow’s Cyber Challenges

30 mins
  • Track - DigitalStrategy
  • AI
  • Leadership
  • Security
  • Anna Chung

    Principal Researcher

    Palo Alto Networks

With cyber attacks becoming faster and more sophisticated each year, maintaining robust cybersecurity defenses is increasingly challenging. At Palo Alto Networks, we process 75 terabytes of SOC data daily and manage thousands of incident responses annually. These volumes require innovative solutions. This presentation explores how leveraging people-powered AI can address escalating cyber threats and negative employment rates in the security industry. We will demonstrate how AI can empower and expand our workforce, enhancing our defensive capabilities and industry resilience.
Session Key Takeaways
  • Evolving Cyber Threats: Emphasizes the need for advanced cybersecurity measures and the role of people-powered AI in addressing increasingly sophisticated attacks.
  • Addressing Employment Rates: Highlights the importance of AI in improving diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity workforce.
  • Enhancing Workforce: Demonstrates how integrating AI with human expertise can empower and diversify the cybersecurity industry, tackling workforce challenges.
Who is this session perfect for?
Diversity Champions: If you’re passionate about fostering inclusion and increasing diversity in tech, this session will show how people-powered AI creates opportunities for a more inclusive cybersecurity field.
Overwhelmed Cybersecurity Professionals: For experts overwhelmed by increasing threats and incidents, this talk reveals how AI integration can manage and mitigate security challenges, making your job more manageable.
Career Switchers: Considering a career switch to cybersecurity? Learn how AI is lowering entry barriers, providing tools and support to help you confidently step into this vital field.

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