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Global IT Lead Corporate Lending - ING

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Born and brought up in India – Started her career as a programmer, moving on to architecture specialising in Security and Infrastructure. Lead initiatives for Chaos Engineering and Site Reliability within the banking sector for the first time. 4 years in the IT (Area) Lead role for the Corporate Lending business of ING bank responsible for people, technology, systems architecture and digital transformation.

Speaker Sessions


Digital Transformation: What’s New?

30 mins
  • Software
  • Transformation
  • Bidisha Agarwal

    Global IT Lead Corporate Lending


Transformation is more than just digitalisation. Technology will deliver what you want it to deliver but crucial is the mindset and organisation shift which is very often underestimated when embarking on a big change.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Transformation is about people, process, technology and everything in between
  • How to manage the clarity of impact, empowerment of your people and knowledge of your data.
  • How to master the “dance” of constant change – the why, the what and the how?

This session is for you if…you are someone who is is managing or working on an organisational transformation journey, or just wondering what’s missing.

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