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Did I Just Make Myself Obsolete?!

30 mins
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  • Danielle Twaalfhoven

    Software Engineer


Process automation to the point of self reliance. This is often our goal when we code. So how do we do this AND still remain essential to our company?

The Why: Software is ever-evolving, duh. This means we get to be more efficient in our work, resulting in projects going live faster. As great as this is, it also sparks a fear in many of us that we are actively working towards making ourselves and our coworkers unnecessary to the job. The goal is to figure out how to remain relevant, while still having fun.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Automation benefits all who keep up
  • Make yourself indispensable
  • Don’t fret about the unknown

This session is for you if…

  • You are a dev and want to hear about Adyen and get some insights into how we work/think
  • You are not a dev but you worry occasionally about whether dev’s might automate your job

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