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Head of User Research (Global)

Just Eat Takeaway.com

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Dr Emmanuelle Savarit has a strong academic background and is a data and solutions-driven User research Leader with over 15 years of international experience. She’s managed research initiatives and developed, motivated and led multi-disciplinary teams to deliver qualitative and quantitative research programs and business strategies for a variety of prestigious organisations such as Just Eat Takaway.com where she is heading the global UX research team.

Emmanuelle published her first book “Practical User Research” on: How to integrate User Research into product development in July 2020. She is very active in the UX space, very often invited to give talks and to run workshops. In November 2022 Emmanuelle launched The UX Research Club, a podcast dedicated to the field of UX research, that you can listen to on all your favourite platforms.

Speaker Sessions


How Technology Is Enabling Inclusive Product Development

30 mins
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  • Dr Emmanuelle Savarit

    Head of User Research (Global)

    Just Eat Takeaway.com

Raising awareness of the interconnection among technology, inclusivity, and UX research is essential for designing products and services. As technological tools have become more accessible to users of all genders, it has become increasingly important to integrate UX research into the development of new digital products and services. In order to be inclusive, UX researchers must systematically consider diverse audiences, taking into account factors such as gender, technology literacy, cultural background, origin, and accessibility.

Today, we can really see how technological evolution has changed the life of researchers (from carrying heavy equipment such as video cameras, tripods or running sessions in labs full of cables to now conducting sessions remotely on any devices with end-users from all over the world).

Although the evolution of technology has made it easier to conduct UX research, this can also lead to a lack of context in the data collected. As a result, there is a need for future tools (such as AI or virtual reality) to provide deeper insights into user experiences.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Technology has improved and can facilitate inclusivity in product development.
  • There is a growing awareness of the importance of inclusivity in creating products and services.
  • UX research is crucial in promoting inclusivity in product development.

This sessions is for you if.. you are a Product manager, Developer, everyone involved in developing digital product of services.

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