Ekaterina Serban

Head of Data Protection and Cyber Security

Robert Bosch GmbH

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Speaker Bio

Responsible for:

  • Streamline privacy and digital operation across Bosch Group
  • Strategic Transformation towards modern digital, compliance and IoT organisation
  • Implementation of suitable technologies and processes (digital, privacy and IT
  • Security) in order to drive new revenue opportunities and accelerate company growth
  • Collaboration with C-level management to identify ways IT can assist the company in achieving business and financial goals

A forward thinking, highly motivated and results driven professional with 16 years’ experience in managing complex IT related activities, project management, privacy and cyber security. Experienced working with C-level management on strategic transformations, compliance and legal activities on a global scale. Adept at motivating and coaching teams in cross-functional international environment.

Fun Fact: Speaking 4 languages at home and I am internationally certified nutrition coach.

Speaker Sessions


The Power Of Ikigai (生き甲斐) In IT Business

30 mins
  • Track - Plan
  • Career
  • Non-Technical
  • Ekaterina Serban

    Head of Data Protection and Cyber Security

    Robert Bosch GmbH

What is important today, when disruption and innovation are the result of
fostering an environment where individuals can come together, is the inspirational leadership and leading by purpose. Ikigai (生き甲斐,) is a Japanese term for “a reason for being” and having a sense of purpose in life, as well as being motivated.

We’ll talk about Ikigai in the IT area, and the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that follows when people pursue their passions working in the IT area.

The Why: To become a true leader in IT business nowadays you should have an inner drive and a deep hunger to create change. Inspirational leaders display earnest conviction in their beliefs and won’t bend to outside pressures no matter how difficult the road becomes.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Meaning of Ikigai for your life and career in IT business
  • How to lead by purpose and with a passion
  • How to feel accomplishment and fulfilment every day

This session is for you if…

  • You want to discover and embrace the the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment
  • Every day in your job, to understand what makes you feel good about your work and how to lead by purpose

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