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Eliza Casapopol is a Data & Artificial Intelligence Specialist at Microsoft, where she empowers global enterprises to become more data-driven and create more value from their data. She specializes in the Retail and Consumer Goods industries, where she helps companies leverage the latest AI technologies to automate their processes and gain a competitive edge in the market.

She has a background in consulting as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, working with companies across the telco, retail and finance sectors. She also has two years of experience in training enterprises on data & technology topics.

Having worked in The Netherlands, Germany, UK and Romania, Eliza is driven by a passion for making a positive impact in the world with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Fun Fact: I am also the co-founder of the first national science festival in my home country, Romanian Science Festival. Every year we bring hundreds of mentors to cities and villages in Romania to inspire thousands of children on technology and science.

Speaker Sessions


Harnessing The Power Of AI: A Deep Dive Into Opportunities And Challenges For Businesses

60 mins
  • Data
  • Premium Only
  • Skills
  • Eliza Casapopol

    Data & AI Specialist


  • Tanuja Bhamidipati

    AI Cloud Solution Architect


This talk will delve into the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in catalysing business innovation, with a particular focus on the alliance between Microsoft and OpenAI. As an emerging technology, generative AI holds significant potential to revolutionise various sectors, yet its practical deployment remains an area of exploration for many businesses.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the concept of generative AI and acknowledging its limitations
  • Identifying significant use-cases where generative AI can boost corporate performance and competitiveness
  • Debunking common myths and discussing challenges associated with generative AI
  • Participants can expect valuable insights on leading the corporate world in the AI era, practical applications of generative AI, and inspiring instances from other businesses

This session is for you if.. you are a Business Decision Maker, Technical Decision Maker, and anyone seeking to infuse their business operations with the power of AI. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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