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I’m Emily and I’m the Head of Data Analytics at MoonPay, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’ve been in crypto for a few years now, having worked previously at Coinbase. But things move so fast in this industry, it feels like I’m a seasoned veteran.

Originally hailing from Toronto (i.e., Aubrey Drake Graham’s “the 6”), I moved to Amsterdam many, many moons ago to do my master’s degree in Cultural Analysis. Long story short, I had a very difficult time looking for my first career job after the economic crisis of 2008, ended up becoming a digital marketing analyst, and haven’t looked back since.

In my leisure time, I try and keep up with my literature roots by reading voraciously through the thousands of books I have on my list. I’m a fan of boutique gyms, a mediocre and fair-weather road runner, and I try to keep up my streak on Duolingo—with varying degrees of success.

Speaker Sessions


Empowering Agency & Community Through Web3 And NFTs

30 mins
  • Data
  • Non-Technical
  • Emily Loh

    Data Director


Web3 and NFTs are often misunderstood as silly jpegs or in association with the so-called metaverse. This session aims to demystify the concepts of web3 and NFTs, particularly within the context of how web3 can enable a true democratisation of technology, and empower both organisations and individuals to engage in society on their own terms. For the first time in history, we have a viable infrastructure from which we can set the terms and conditions of how we’d like to interact with each other, and within which we can have total ownership over our own data.

What are web3 and NFTs exactly and why should I care? How do we reclaim technology to serve the needs of society? How do we break out of a world that’s been determined by only a handful of corporations or institutions? Although Web3 and NFTs are commonly associated with the crypto industry, which has primarily been exclusive to women and other marginalised identities, web3 ultimately opens up the possibilities for empowering individuals and organisers alike to determine their own terms of engagement with the world.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the basics of web3 and NFTs, along with other key concepts such as decentralisation and blockchain technology
  • Why web3 and NFTs can be empowering to individuals, communities and organisations alike
  • Real world examples of applications of web3 and NFTs, how you can get started on thinking about how the technology can be applied in your situation, why it’s beneficial to everyone

This session is for you if…

  • You’re simply curious about the hype around web3 and NFTs
  • You want to understand how blockchain technology can be applied in the real world in a variety of contexts
  • You’re looking for alternatives to social media to engage with others that speak to your values and interests
  • You’re a creator, artist, or builder looking to create a loyal and involved fanbase without the interference of third parties
  • You’re a brand or organisation looking to have a more intimate connection with your community
  • You’re an activist looking for alternative ways to move your cause forward

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