Gudrun Anna Atladottir

Senior Cloud Developer

Novo Nordisk

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Gudrun Anna Atladottir has BSc in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Iceland and an MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Computation with a focus on Data Science from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). She is a Senior Cloud Developer at Business Intelligence, Data Management & Analytics at Novo Nordisk.

Fun Fact: In Iceland, with a population of about 400.000, some of us may be closer related to each other than desirable under certain circumstances. Fortunately, a database and app has been developed which helps us to discover how related we are and therefore we can avoid dating our first cousins.

Speaker Sessions


Building An Enterprise Platform

30 mins
  • Track - InfoTech
  • Data
  • Gudrun Anna Atladottir

    Senior Cloud Developer

    Novo Nordisk

Nowadays businesses need to be able to analyse their data effectively to be at the forefront. It is essential to have a strong, cost-optimised analytical setup with data access to enable data domain experts to focus on doing what they are best at, namely to bring value out of data.

Learn about Novo Nordisk’s analytical platform and how it is used to bring value out of data efficiently to cater to our business needs. Our data persons can on-demand spin up collaborative analytical compute environments in preferred region, with selected compute power that integrates seamlessly with their in-house data sources. This enables them to focus on their business cases without having to worry about configuring, managing, and setting up their computing environment. Our platform has been used to develop a deep learning algorithm in our inspection lines, proactive monitoring solutions on types of machinery that enable increased throughput in our production lines, etc.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how AWS build an on-demand analytical compute environment in the cloud
  • Learn how the cloud can be used to speed up analytics and save costs simultaneously?
  • How Novo Nordisk’s enterprise analytics platform has acted as an enabler for different business cases

This session is for you if…you have a growing business and you want to use data to drive the business decisions. With a growing number of employees and stakeholders it becomes more critical to have centralised teams focusing on building re-usable customised environment that can be spun up on-demand integrating data for cost savings. It prevents repetitive work across different areas and reduces additional complexity for people working with data, enabling management to act quickly to business needs.

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