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Hanah-Marie Darley is Head of Threat Research at Darktrace, where she uses her background in psychology and international relations to creatively problem solve and mentor teams. With nearly a decade of experience as a threat intelligence specialist and geopolitical analyst, she is well-equipped to combat the demanding reality of global strategic intelligence, and understands the need for creativity in critical problem solving and resource management.

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The Dangers of Succumbing to Cognitive Biases in Cyber Security

30 mins
  • Track - InfoTech
  • Software
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  • Hanah-Marie Darley

    Head of Threat Research


Cognitive biases are everywhere, and have the power to derail working practices. At every turn, cognitive biases can hinder and distract cyber security teams and their strategies away from the key risks and threats likely to catastrophically damage their network environments, in favour of new headline-making attack techniques or vulnerabilities which may never be used against their organisation.

In this presentation, Hanah Darley will provide a brief introduction to cognitive biases and discuss the implications within cyber security for leaving those biases unchecked, as well as identifying key mitigations for cognitive biases and discussing the growing role that technology is playing in augmenting human analysis and security strategies.

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