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My name is Iida Loukkaanhuhta and I am the first female CEO of the world’s leading hackathon organiser Junction. Not only that but at the age of 26 I’m also one of the youngest to hold the position.

In a world of ever evolving technology and as humanity going through the fourth industrial revolution it is key to find diverse people from diverse communities to navigate the changes. This is one of my key priorities. If I help the entire Junction team to adapt and mold the changes going on I have succeeded.

Hackathons are the greatest platform for change. The power of global communities united in pursue of revelation and innovation.

Every single great innovation has started as a revelation and that is the core of hackathons.

Let’s work together. Let’s be fearless in front of the challenges of tomorrow and find the solutions to combat them.

Speaker Sessions


Minihack: TechRace

120 mins
  • Premium Only
  • Skills
  • Technical
  • Iida Loukkaanhuhta



In this TechRace event, you’ll receive a large pool of challenges to solve, ranging from programming puzzles to design problems, from easy to hard. The winning team, or “the techiest of them all”, is chosen based on the total points all team members earned during this TechRace event. So get ready to race!

This TechRace is two-hours long. All participants need to have a laptop to be able to participate. Teams can consists of up to 5 members. You will be put into teams when you arrive in the room.

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