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Data Protection, Manager Cybersecurity, Resilience Services

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Imane Dahou is an experienced cybersecurity manager based in Paris, working with major organizations to enhance their risk and compliance strategies.

Her expertise comes from her extensive work with top consulting firms, where she has helped businesses strengthen their security frameworks.

Imane also teaches cyber strategy at Université Paris Cité, with a focus on implementing effective Information Security Management Systems and mastering compliance, particularly within European frameworks. Her courses delve into how compliance can serve as an accelerator and enabler for innovation.

In 2023, Imane was honoured with the European Cyber Woman Hope Trophy and was named among the Top 50 African Women in Development by the Donors of Africa Foundation.

As a speaker and mentor, Imane is committed to fostering an environment where women and neurodivergent people are encouraged to lead and innovate.

A Fun Fact:

My dyslexia doesn’t just shape how I see words—it redefines my perspective on cybersecurity challenges, infusing creativity and innovation into my strategies.

Speaker Sessions


From Threats to Strategies: Understanding Cyber Geopolitics in the EU

60 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • Digital Transformation
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  • Security
  • Imane Dahou

    Data Protection, Manager Cybersecurity, Resilience Services

    Sia Partners

  • Algina Grigaliunaite-Bouman

    Data Protection and Resilience, Manager Cybersecurity

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Uncover the intricate relationship between cybersecurity and geopolitics in this insightful session. Explore how EU regulations and strategies are driving global security efforts and shaping the digital landscape. Through real-world case studies, gain practical knowledge to enhance your understanding of the cyber threats and strategic responses influencing our world.

As cyber threats become more sophisticated and geopolitically motivated, understanding the EU’s role in cyber defense is vital. This session will provide you with the tools and knowledge to grasp the strategic importance of cybersecurity in maintaining global stability and security.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Governance and Strategy: Learn how EU cybersecurity regulations and strategies are designed to counteract global cyber threats.
  • Regulatory Influence: Understand the impact of EU cybersecurity policies on international relations and global security frameworks.
  • Importance of Non-Technical Contributions: Recognise how governance and the involvement of non-technical stakeholders are crucial for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

 Who is this session perfect for

  • You are an individual interested in the intersection of cybersecurity and geopolitics and want to understand how global politics influence digital security.
  • You are a cybersecurity professional, policymaker, or strategist aiming to align your practices with EU regulations and global trends.
  • You are a student, researcher, or enthusiast keen to explore the dynamic field of cyber geopolitics and its future impact.

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