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Karinna Calin has started her professional experience over 12 years ago leading change & transformation in multinational companies such as Unilever, PROFIT systems, Data Scouts. Her ambition was not only in the digital space, but also DTC retail, Digital Marketing and Go-to-Market strategies. From Market Expansion Manager in Poland and Romania to Digital Analytics & Customer Experience Lead in the Global Unilever Ice Cream team, she had the opportunity to lead a full market expansion and learned from a young stage of her career the importance of an early digital expansion in different world geographies and the value of challenging the status quo to future-proofing a business.

Currently driving the digital transformation in B2B eCommerce from Unilever Icecream side as Data Analytics & Customer Experience Lead using a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills with the main ambition to grow the almost 1 billion EUR B2B eCommerce business to become the industry leader across markets.

Fun Fact: Flexibility & adaptability aren’t just professional values but also personal ones that I demonstrate with my Yoga teacher certification.

Speaker Sessions


Keeping Pace With Innovation: Digital Transformation In A Traditional Business

30 mins
  • Track - Implement
  • Transformation
  • Karinna Calin

    Global CX & Data Analytics Lead


This is not a story about adapting to survive but rather anticipating in order to thrive in an ever changing digital world where an omnichannel approach to customer experience is becoming the new ABC for digitally savvy businesses in consumer goods.

A traditional business that has always “done things their way” and succeeded by doing so thanks to being a market leader finds themselves in a challenge when the entire industry moves to digitalisation at a speed they have not foreseen due to 2020 global pandemic. How do we speed up change without compromising current ambitions? How do we transform a traditional face-to face driven business to digitalisation and automated processes without losing what makes it special? Through a lot of trial & error and an experimentation culture we have led not just a digital transformation but rather a digital revolution across +20 markets globally.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Initiate a strategic roadmap for the digital transformation of your traditional business, leveraging a start-up mindset to foster innovation and maintain agility
  • Regularly evaluate and reassess your digitalisation levels, ensuring alignment with evolving market needs and customer expectations
  • Post-establishment of an eCommerce platform, actively pursue opportunities for optimisation and growth, including UX/UI enhancements and improved marketing strategies
  • Integrate the human element strategically into your omnichannel ecosystem by optimising customer service touch points, personalising user experiences, and fostering employee engagement

This session is for you if…you are looking to challenge your mindset on both traditional and digital businesses to find the perfect balance for sustainable growth in your company/organisation.

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