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Lalli is an accomplished engineering leader with a passion for investing in people and innovation. With over 25 years of experience in various sectors, including e-commerce, finance, and travel, she has built and led diverse teams around the globe to solve complex business problems using innovative technologies.

Apart from her work, Lalli has a keen interest in exploring different cultures and loves travelling. She is actively involved in scouting organisations and gives back to the community through education and leadership initiatives. As a pet parent, she also has a love for animals.

In her current role as a Director of Software Development at Booking in Amsterdam, Lalli continues to drive innovation and build high-performing teams. She embraces the company’s mission to make it easier to experience the world and spends time with family and friends across three continents.

Speaker Sessions


Future-Proofing Tech Through Inclusion & Diversity

30 mins
  • Non-Technical
  • Not to be Missed
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    Executive and Thought Leadership Communications, Senior Director of Employee

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  • Lalli Varadh

    Director of Software Engineering

We recognise that there is an unequal representation of women in engineering and technology roles. We also recognise that we need to work harder to improve the status quo.

During conversation, we’ll explore the where we are now and how to move forward, discussing the challenges and triumphs they faced as they stepped into roles of greater influence and exchange ideas on how to catalyse a shift in the way we think about inclusion and diversity

Session Key Takeaways:

  • How to create far-reaching impact on both local and global societies, to lead lasting improvements in our products and technology
  • Learn how inclusion & diversity can radically change our future in today’s quickly changing world of technology

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