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Elevate and Empower: Cultivating the Next Generation of Women in Tech

60 mins
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  • Career Development
  • Leadership
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  • Laura Burnett

    Delivery Director

    Made Tech

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the role of women leaders has never been more crucial. This session will explore the transformative power of female leadership in the tech industry and the importance of allyship and mentorship in supporting and uplifting emerging talent.
Workshop Highlights:
Hands-on Activities and Group Discussions: Participate in activities and discussions that provide real-world examples and actionable strategies.
Actionable Strategies: Learn how to create inclusive environments that foster growth and innovation.
Leverage Positions: Discover how to advocate for diversity, build strong networks, and create pathways for other women to succeed.
Key Themes: Visibility, sponsorship vs. mentorship, and breaking down systemic barriers.
Session Key Takeaways:
  • Create Inclusive Environments: Identify effective strategies to support women in tech.
  • Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: Understand the distinction and how to apply both in professional settings.
  • Advocate for Diversity: Develop actionable plans to promote diversity within your organization.
  • Address Systemic Barriers: Recognise and tackle obstacles that hinder women’s progress in tech.
Who is this session perfect for?
Female leaders seeking ways to encourage more women to enter and thrive in the technology sector.

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