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Corporate Reputation, Senior Managing Director - FTI Consulting (Belgium)

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Lauren is FTI Consulting’s Corporate Reputation leader in Brussels, where she predominantly advises clients in the healthcare and technology sectors. Clients turn to Lauren to help transform their organisation through communications, by using a mix of data-led strategy and planning, creative campaigns and multichannel activation. Over the years, Lauren has helped clients navigate pivotal moments including market entry, (re-)branding exercises, purpose-led narrative building as well as complex issues and crises.

Lauren brings out-of-the-box creative thinking and critical project management to her clients and manages programs on a regional and global scale. Beyond healthcare and technology, Lauren also has extensive experience with clients in the telecommunications industry.

Fun Fact: Lauren holds British and Belgian nationality, and has lived in Singapore, Thailand, U.K., and Belgium.

Speaker Sessions


Life After Layoffs: Reenergising After Large Scale Lay Offs

60 mins
  • Career
  • Premium Only
  • Lauren Burge

    Corporate Reputation, Senior Managing Director

    FTI Consulting (Belgium)

  • Lucy Delaney

    Managing Director, People & Transformation

    FTI Consulting (UK)

Last year, almost 100,000 people across the tech industry got laid off, amounting to the highest number of job cuts since the dot-com crash in 1995.

The personal impact of being laid off cannot be underestimated. Equally, large-scale layoffs also have a profound impact on organisations. From rebuilding one’s self-esteem and a finding a new job in an overcrowded and fractured industry, to the morale and productivity of remaining employees or the best ways to attract top talent, there is much that individuals and organisations can learn from the so-called layoff contagion.

In this workshop, we will hear from an ex-tech employee who was laid off, someone who had the burden of laying off staff, as well as experts who understand the intricacies of organisational restructuring. Our panel will share their personal experiences and lessons learnt and explore strategies those that have been laid off can use to thrive, as well as practical strategies to unlock the untapped potential within the organisation post-layoff, providing recommendations for rebuilding trust, boosting morale, and enhancing brand value. Because all our experts believe that, which ever perspective you take: there is life after lay-offs.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • How to regain your self-confidence and thrive again after being laid off
  • The impact of large-scale layoffs on remaining employees and the organisation
  • Strategies to boost morale and refocus an organisation after large-scale layoffs
  • Brand and reputation management communicate and engage with employees during and post-layoff

This session is for you if…

  • You have been laid off and want to hear from someone who has been through it
  • Your organisation has made cuts and you want to discuss how to reenergise employees or reshape your EVP to remain relevant and authentic

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