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Head Market Intro & Big Data Team - TP Vision

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Lieve Lanoye has amassed over 12 years of experience in the TV industry. She started at Philips after earning her PhD and progressed through different roles within I&D. Later, she joined TPVision, the license holder for Philips TV and Sound, where she moved to Product Management. In this role, her primary focus was on developing go-to-market strategies for high-profile products.

In 2016, Lieve was appointed as the head of the newly-formed Big Data team, whose mandate was to promote data-driven decision-making throughout the global organisation. Since then, she and her team have successfully implemented a Big Data program on a global scale, covering every aspect of the TV lifecycle. Their work has provided data-driven insights to a diverse range of stakeholders across different continents and varying degrees of technical skill. These stakeholders include planning and architecture teams, development, product management, marketing, quality teams, customer care, and management.

Through her work with colleagues from various backgrounds, Lieve Lanoye has acquired extensive experience in effectively integrating data into a large organisation.

Fun Fact: Is using ChatGPT to create daily bedtime stories for her kids, starring their favourite characters, to practice prompt engineering, for example by creating interactive stories.

Speaker Sessions


How To Deploy Big Data Driven Decision Making In Large Organisations

60 mins
  • Data
  • Premium Only
  • Lieve Lanoye

    Head Market Intro & Big Data Team

    TP Vision

  • Paola Masuzzo

    Lead Data Scientist

    TP Vision

As the capabilities of big data and machine learning expand, effectively deploying data insights within large organizations demands a strategic approach that seamlessly combines technical expertise with people skills. The challenge lies in fostering the adoption of insights generated by advanced data models among non-technical individuals.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Mastering the art of translating commercial questions into data-driven inquiries is essential
  • Identifying the most suitable deployment strategy for diverse audiences is crucial
  • Restoring lost trust in data can be an arduous task, emphasizing the importance of accuracy and reliability

This session is for you if…you are looking to successfully deploy data models across various teams within your organisation.

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