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Head of Acquiring Processing Center BeLux CH AT - Worldline

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Linda Buytaert is managing the department within Worldline that delivers the electronic payment solutions for the Belgian, Swiss & Austrian market & beyond. She has an IT background, and is active in the payments industry for almost 20 years now. In this period she has grown her career from executing technical roles like tester and developer into taking up more managerial and strategical roles like the one she is in today. This means that she can truly relate to a lot of aspects which are part of the delivery chain. She’s had a special focus throughout her career to support & enable women to grow their careers in technical roles.

In her private life she’s a real foodie, with a passion for chocolate, which sometimes causes some dilemmas when mainly managing teams in Belgium and Switzerland, 2 countries that both claim to have the best chocolates!

Speaker Sessions

Panel Discussion

How Can Gender Equity Drive Growth In Technology

60 mins
  • Software
  • Sophie de Kermel

    International Project Manager


  • Linda Buytaert

    Head of Acquiring Processing Center BeLux CH AT


  • Sarah Pilcer

    Head of CMO (Market Domain)


  • Janet van de Reepe

    Country Manager for Worldline Netherlands


Gender equity is an ongoing concern for companies across all industries. Companies are striving to create an inclusive and diverse work environment that values and empowers all employees regardless of their gender. However, the question is how can a company help you build gender equity, and how can you grow gender equity within a company?

In this panel discussion, we will explore three key points related to building and growing gender equity in the workplace. Attendees will leave with actionable insights and strategies that they can apply to their own workplaces to help build and grow gender equity.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • What are the initiatives a company can take towards gender equity
  • What you do within a company to make it grow and to be part of the change
  • Discover how to share your knowledge and influence for the women in your organisation

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