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Senior Sales Engineer


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Speaker Bio

Ludmila started her career in Supply Chain Management gaining insights on the business side. However, with a continuous interest in how data and information flows are supporting all business related activities she changed her career towards the technology side. She is now leading conversations around topics such as Data Mesh which creates a synergy between the business and the tech world.

Fun Fact: Although being a big fan of data and tech, Ludmila loves being on the deep country side without any reception or connection to the outside world.

Speaker Sessions


When Data Becomes A Product

60 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • Data
  • Premium Only
  • Ludmila von Thun-Hohenstein

    Senior Sales Engineer


As data is seen more and more as a product we need to focus on the data supply chain, how we create higher revenue, gain competitive advantages and mitigate risks. A central point to this is collaboration, which encapsulates everything from the production lines from raw data to end data product. With real time collaboration you are not only speeding things up, you also lower costs and are more efficient which goes as far as being better for the environment.

Come spend some time to better understand how easy it can be to collaborate when data becomes a product. Data does not need to be your background for this interactive session to benefit your daily activities!

This session is hands on. You will need to bring a laptop.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to take part in the Data Supply Chain
  • Explore keys to access a wide range of data products in real time
  • Discover how to mobilise the world’s data

This session is for you if…you are interested in the data supply chain and what is already possible.

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