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Director of Talents & Organisation - MVPF Technologies GmbH (MVP Factory)

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Luisa Liesenberg is the Director of Talents & Organisation at MVP Factory, a leading European Digital Product & Venture Builder MVP Factory. In her role she is responsible for Leadership and Employee Development, Talent Architecture, and Culture Building.

Luisa spent her past 12 years in Berlin-based tech startups and scaleups, focusing on facilitating work environments that help people to bring their best self to the job, and advocating for feminism and mental health in the workplace.

In 2020, another perspective was added by life as Luisa learned about herself that she has ADHD. As a so-called “late in life” diagnosis, this had her set out on a new journey of reflecting, researching and learning how ADHD, especially in women, shapes ways of working and communicating holistically. Thanks to co-workers and an open-minded leadership, she was able to fully embrace that part of her identity and understand how to grow further.

Fun Fact: My original career plan was to become a journalist and correspondent in the Middle East.

Speaker Sessions


Neurodiversity In The Workplace: Building Inclusive Teams Beyond Noise Cancelling Headphones

60 mins
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  • Luisa Liesenberg

    Director of Talents & Organisation

    MVPF Technologies GmbH (MVP Factory)

Each brain is unique and everyone has different ways to process and think, yet, roughly 20% of our population qualifies as neurodiverse. This means, chances are high that our teams are also built of people who battle diagnoses like ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia. Especially women often go through life undiagnosed, in numbers – 75% of women with ADHD are unaware – having developed coping mechanisms without ever knowing. In this workshop we want to explore strategies to build environments for your teams or yourself that allow for “Neuro-Spiciness” to be the fuel of innovation, discuss what it takes for us and our colleagues to feel accepted and how to meet the needs of “unaware” neurodiverse colleagues.

Within DI&E departments, the awareness for mental health topics, including Neurodiversity, has luckily been increasing over the past decade. Yet, building habits that go beyond individual behaviour or offering access to helpful tools is something that most teams still have to learn. Most companies, most tech teams, and most organisations are structured, following neurotypical concepts, making it challenging for employees with ADHD, Autism or Dyslexia (amongst others) to navigate. A work culture that is accessible for neurodiverse people also always benefits those whose brains qualify as “neurotypical”, so why wait?

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the challenges and strengths of neurodiverse people in the workplace and how to use or combat them successfully
  • Discover how we can move beyond neurotypical standards and build a team that works for every brain
  • Connect with your own neuro-spiciness, celebrate the magic of “being the odd one” and explore how you can inspire the people around you

This session is for you if…

  • You are neuro-spicey. Join us and share your experience, connect with others to learn from them and build a foundation to bring back into your own team.
  • You lead teams. Neurodiversity is a topic that most people still don’t feel comfortable being very upfront about. The stigma and discrimination that comes with being openly autistic or dyslexic, etc. hold people back and increases their risk of burning out due to having to mask or suffering from related anxiety and depression. This also accounts for team members that are unaware or undiagnosed. Creating a neuro-inclusive environment as Lead can change your employees’ life and set you up for success.
  • You are curious about this buzzword, flying around more and more these days 😉

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