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Vice President HR for Information & Digital Technology


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Speaker Bio

Global business leader and CHRO with broad experience in strategic HR Business Partnering, having worked and led teams in diverse and challenging business contexts. Driven by clarity of purpose to create sustainable impact at scale in complex and dynamic environments. Curious adaptive learner, courageous change agent, confident and caring people leader, connector and collaborator. Bringing a truly global perspective having lived and worked in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Currently CHRO and business partner to Shell Group Chief Information Officer and member of IT executive team. Oversees a total workforce of 17K people across 36 countries.

Work experience in Energy, Oil & Gas (Shell) and Financial Services (ABN AMRO). Experience in diverse business models and value chains (Integrated Gas, Renewable Energy, Upstream, Joint Ventures, Digital & Technology, Functions) across multiple geographies (US, Europe, Asia and Africa).

Skills: HR Business Partnering, Organisation Development, (Digital) Transformation and Change Management, Talent Management, Capability & Leadership Development, (executive and team) Coaching, External relations & non-technical risk management, Joint Ventures, Outsourcing/Offshoring

Fun Fact: A habit I picked up during pandemic and keep up is dancing in kitchen after long workday – a great stress reliever.

Speaker Sessions


Let’s Talk About The Energy Trilemma

60 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • Leadership
  • Premium Only
  • Marieke ten Houte de Lange

    Vice President HR for Information & Digital Technology


Ever found yourself grappling with intricate problems, or in a position where you must collaborate with individuals you don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with? Are you curious about the leadership traits required to facilitate transformative collaboration and generate unique outcomes?

Our world’s most urgent challenges demand a paradigm shift in our approach to collaborative thinking. But how can we pave the path for improved future outcomes when stakeholders have a lack of understanding, trust, or rapport with each other?

In this dynamic session, we’ll use the energy transition scenario as a business case, examining how transformative collaboration among diverse stakeholders can lead to groundbreaking solutions. This is an opportunity to explore the potential of collaborative strategies in overcoming barriers and fostering innovation.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding why collaboration is both difficult and necessary to solve complex challenges
  • Understanding the leadership qualities required to enable transformative collaboration
  • Engage in dialogue on business case “energy transition” what it takes to move forward and the role each and every one of us can play?

This session is for you if…

  • You are curious about collaboration and building bridges
  • You are keen to break down barriers for collaboration
  • You are prepared to get active and lean into the dialogue. And learn about energy transition at same time

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