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Dr. Marissa Alert is a licensed clinical health psychologist, consultant, speaker, and founder of MDA Wellness. She delivers high-energy training, workshops, and keynote presentations that  equip employees and leaders with practical and actionable strategies to manage stress, prevent  burnout, and improve resilience and wellbeing. With over ten years of experience, she is skilled  at making meaningful connections with audiences, who love her down-to-earth approach that  keeps them engaged while learning. 

Dr. Alert holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Dartmouth College, a doctoral degree in  clinical psychology from the University of Miami, and completed her postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her passion is to help people lead more fulfilling  lives that are in line with their values.

Speaker Sessions


Becoming More Intentional When Dealing With Stress And Burnout

60 mins
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  • Marissa Alert, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A recent Deloitte survey showed that 53% of women are more stressed this year than they were a year ago, and 46% feel burned out. Having the right strategies to effectively manage stress and deal with burnout in healthy and effective ways can help with achieving work/life balance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and continuing to be productive and engaged at work.

Managing stress and addressing burnout is not only about having the right tools or a list of things to do to cope. It requires being aware of your triggers for stress and how you perceive and respond to them, as well as being intentional about the strategies you use. This session will focus on the INTENT Framework for Stress and Burnout

  • How stress manifests itself and impacts your work, relationships, and behaviours
  • How you can align your actions with your values to manage stress in ways that prevent burnout and foster resilience
  • How to turn stress into an opportunity for growth
  • How to identify and implement realistic and easy-to-maintain strategies for managing stress, addressing burnout, and learning to adapt better to unforeseen changes

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to effectively manage stress to become aware of how stress affects you, how you perceive it, and how you respond to it
  • Discover when to use problem-focused coping or emotion-focused coping to deal with stress
  • Discover ways to deal with stress and address burnout. The strategies you choose should make sense for you and fit into your life. They shouldn’t just be based on what’s trending

This session is for you if…you have a basic understanding of stress and how to manage it, but are looking for ways to make stress management a habit and not an afterthought.

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