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Senior Manager of the Manufacturing & Automotive Solution Architecture - Amazon Web Services

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May Mohamed is the Senior Manager of the Manufacturing & Automotive Solution Architecture (SA) and Supply Chain Specialists teams in Germany for Amazon Web Services (AWS). She and her team support large Enterprises manufacturers, machine builders and automotive companies in their digital transformation journey. Her team is responsible for enabling companies to reach their full business potential through applying new technologies, novel business models and innovation, working backwards from customers ambitions and re-applying AWS technical and business best practices.

Her organisation focuses on providing the technical enablement required for digital transformation that empowers companies to build new products and services, reduce time to market and drive operational efficiencies across the value chain. This is achieved through the use of AWS cloud technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics and Autonomous Operations in addition to 200+ AWS fully featured services.

May is an experienced business & technical leader with more than 16 years of professional global expertise. She has been leading large organisations with diversified skillsets of industry specialists and agile development teams. She has led multiple large digital enterprise transformation for numerous multinationals across the globe. Prior to AWS May spent 13 years at Vodafone, where she led various functions & held different roles across Technology, IT, business strategy and enterprise.

Speaker Sessions


Demystifying Generative AI On AWS

60 mins
  • Software
  • Laura Kennett

    EMEA Specialist Solution Architecture Manager

    Amazon Web Services

  • May Mohamed

    Senior Manager of the Manufacturing & Automotive Solution Architecture

    Amazon Web Services

In this session, you can explore the exciting world of generative AI and how it has the potential to revolutionise many industries. In this session the speakers starts by reviewing the basic concepts of generative AI. It then explores how generative AI models can be used for various modalities, highlighting the AWS AI/ML tools and infrastructure available to those interested in generative AI. Explore the potential of generative AI and what AWS tools are available to build and deploy these models in production.

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