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Consulting Lead for Northern Europe


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Monique is the Head for Cognizant Consulting for Northern Europe. She is the practice leader for a team of over 180 local consultants and is responsible for the engagements that these consultants and their offshore colleagues work on for clients across Benelux & the Nordics.
She has a background in strategy consulting, banking and system integration companies. And she has bridged between business and IT for the larger part of her professional journey. Cognizant Consulting supports clients in advisory engagements, in crafting transformations and roadmaps and in business and IT roles where the translation to execution takes place.

Monique will share her point of view on the insights from a global research on creating future ready businesses that Cognizant tasked Economist Impact with. And she will touch upon what it means for clients to have a business ready for anything.

Special note: Monique has been running diversity programs for a large part of her career and now she thinks she has figured out how to drive change… by building a community!

Speaker Sessions


Getting Future Ready: What It Means To Be A Modern Business

30 mins
  • Track - Implement
  • Non-Technical
  • Workforce
  • Monique Wagenmaker-Oudijk

    Consulting Lead for Northern Europe


Curious about what a future-ready business resembles? This session will explore findings from Economist Impact research, shedding light on the primary drivers of future readiness. Furthermore, we will introduce a benchmarking tool to assess your business’s readiness for the future.

In this session, you’ll learn important tips for getting ready for the future, figure out the skills you need to grow, and find out how to match big ideas with realistic steps for success now and in the future.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the pivotal factors that shape a future-ready business, and how to take proactive steps to become future-fit
  • Receive access to a benchmarking tool that measures your business’s positioning for the future
  • Understand the transformative role of ESG, especially diversity, in driving change

This session is for you if…

  • You are advising clients on their future strategies
  • You are collaborating with partners for a shared future vision
  • You are an individual keen on fortifying your preparedness for an unpredictable future

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