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Rachel Pipan, a founder of Amsterdam-based strategy firm Maneuvre (maneuvre.co), expertly guides female founders and their companies in PR, reputation, and communications. Known for her speciality in emerging technologies, she has spent the last seven years helping female founders in fintech (and AI, web3, and more) scale their presence and success. As Netherlands ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council and former Global Communications Director at web3 company Bitfury, she excels in strategic communication and growth. She also advises earlier-in-career women on how to thrive in the workplace through her newsletter, Nice Work (nicework.email).

Fun Fact: Rachel is a triplet.

Speaker Sessions


What Works ForA Fintech Bro Won’t Work For You: Using PR As A Female Founder

30 mins
  • Track - FinTech
  • Career
  • Non-Technical
  • Rachel Pipan

    Founder and Managing Director


Female-led companies (including fintechs) are outstanding in their success, market-fit, and returns to investors. Yet, they don’t attract as much funding or scale as fast. This talk is going to cover why and how female fintech founders need to promote themselves differently to succeed with the public and press, and common missteps to avoid.

Ever feel like male-run fintechs get attention just by breathing? It’s not just you. Female-led fintechs, their founders and even their executives are on a vastly different playing field for PR, marketing and communications. In this talk, emerging tech/fintech advisor Rachel Pipan talks through the challenges female founders face in getting attention. She uses real-world examples to challenge pernicious myths about self-promotion, helping current and future fintech founders/executives understand how to use PR to scale their businesses.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Visibility is earned, not received – you have to do well and tell everyone about it
  • You will be judged on different metrics, including your PR presence
  • If it feels like you have to do everything backwards and in high heels – you’re right, and here’s how to lean into it to work for you

This session is for you if…You’re a current female fintech founder, thinking about starting a fintech/startup, or working with/advising female fintech and tech startup founders in their growth, and have been thinking you are too busy for PR, that you’re bad at PR, and/or that PR is a future concern, not one for now.

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