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Senior Engineering Manager - Grab

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Renu is currently serving as a Senior Engineering Manager for Grab – the hyperlocal superapp of southeast Asia, where she is leading the engineering development for the company’s flagship loyalty program. Her focus is on building resilient, motivated, and empowered teams across multiple geographical locations to pursue this vision.

Renu began her professional journey as a Java Developer after graduating from one of the National Universities in India. Over the years, she gained experience working for multinational companies and early-stage startups in India before moving to Singapore in 2017 to explore the global world.

Along with her passion for engineering management, Renu also has interests in coffee and yoga, [an aspiring yoga teacher]. She loves to be a part of society by speaking at local community meetups and international conferences.

Speaker Sessions


Change Management: Empowering Software Development Teams

60 mins
  • Leadership
  • Premium Only
  • Renu Yadav

    Senior Engineering Manager


Have you ever attempted to implement a necessary shift in your team, only for it to fall short despite its potential benefits? Do you find certain team processes being consistently overlooked or ignored?

If you’ve responded affirmatively to any of these queries, this discussion is for you. We’ll guide you through the process of change management, spotlighting its inherent challenges. Learn how you, either as a leader or team member, can drive changes that lead to a more productive and empowered team.

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