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Director of Educational Strategy - Babbel

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Before her move to Germany in 2019, Stephanie’s career spanned the social impact start-up, B-corp, and non-profit space across South and North America. Now as Babbel’s Director of Educational Strategy, Stephanie gets to do the incredibly rewarding work of owning strategic educational outcomes at the company level – ensuring Babbel’s millions of Learners engage with a product that’s inclusive, enlightening, and effective.

Fun Fact: Stephanie’s father was an American Football coach (did anyone ever watch the film Friday Night Lights?). She believes deeply in the application of sport-based skills in the workplace: especially teamwork, communication, focus, and adaptability.

Speaker Sessions


Inclusion As A Tool For Innovation

60 mins
  • Leadership
  • Premium Only
  • Workforce
  • Stephanie Wright

    Director of Educational Strategy


Discover how to turn inclusion into a powerful tool to create a psychologically safe work environment and therefore promote innovation within teams.

How do you build inclusive leadership in times of change, uncertainty, and loss? As organisations navigate complexity, diversity is a strategic advantage and inclusion might be the key to empowering innovation. We’ll explore the importance of creating a safe space for everyone to thrive and find belonging

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the keys to building a safe space within your team
  • How to role-model inclusive behaviors
  • Learn and practice tools to apply inclusivity to your own contexts and your individual approach

This session is for you if… you want to develop your own approach to inclusive leadership, create an inclusive work experience, and acknowledge the challenges of fostering it.

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