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Founder & CEO - Dynamo

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Tehsheena is the founder and CEO of Dynamo (www.dynamosolutions.io). Dynamo is a technology company backed by bp, on a mission to optimise front-line operations on the planet.

Tehsheena started her career as an engineer in a remote oilfield in Pakistan. She has worked across the energy value chain, solving complex business challenges through digital technologies. She is a mother of two lovely boys, and loves camping and hiking in her free time.

Fun Fact: Tehsheena is passionate about uplifting communities from poverty using digital technologies. Recently, she created an online marketplace that enables hundreds of home-based food entrepreneurs (mostly women) access thousands of customers and sell their products online.

Speaker Sessions


Become A Chaos Pilot & Bring Meaningful Change

60 mins
  • Not to be Missed
  • Transformation
  • Workforce
  • Filipa Moura

    Principal Software Engineer

    bp The Netherlands

  • Monica Norman

    Technical Programme Manager

    bp The Netherlands

  • Tehsheena Shams

    Founder & CEO


Bringing transformative change in any business requires a radically different mindset, chaos pilots have that mindset and you can become one too.

Immerse yourself in a hands-on workshop on chaos piloting. Become one yourself and bring meaningful change anywhere – your business, work, and life! Learn from technology start-up founders and engineers at bp who are transforming front-line operations to make them safer and more efficient.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Who are chaos pilots, and why are they essential in any organisation?
  • How can you become a chaos pilot?
  • Discover the pitfalls to avoid

This session is for you if...you are starting your business, or you are looking to start a business, and/or are working on solving big, complex problems that are ambiguous and challenge the status quo.


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