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Vanessa Araújo is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, specializing in Data & AI solutions. With over 15 years of experience, Vanessa has been instrumental in helping strategic customers adopt and govern AI responsibly while driving innovation and reinventing existing processes. Her expertise extends beyond her extensive experience, as she has contributed to the AI community through her insightful articles on the subject. Furthermore, Vanessa has demonstrated her commitment to knowledge sharing by creating comprehensive learning materials for AI, empowering others to dive into this transformative field.

Vanessa’s passion lies in leveraging technology to solve complex business problems, driving positive change through the power of Data & AI and fostering impactful partnerships with her stakeholders and the wider community. She is an active member of WomenInTech ERG at Microsoft, a mentor for early in career and a sustainability advocate.

Speaker Sessions


ChatGPT, OpenAI, Bard…Could An Artificial General Intelligence Be Created? Should We Be Worried, Excited Or Both?

30 mins
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  • Vanessa Araújo

    Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect


  • Adelina Balasa

    AI Cloud Solution Architect


We will present an overview of the latest uses of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models and we’ll discuss the fears and excitement created by artificial general intelligence (AGI) – an emerging field of AI research that aims to create machines capable of human-like intelligence . We’ll discuss how the technology is used in various industries, and we will clarify both the capabilities and limitations of this technology. In addition, we will delve into the potential impact of this emerging trend on society and ethics, and its implications for the future of humanity. All sparkled with some demos!

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Good understanding of what do we mean by AGI? Where does ChatGPT and Large Language Models fit in AGI?
  • Awareness of what are the capabilities and limitations of such AI models. What are the ethical implications on bias, privacy, and accountability?
  • Spark your creative side, making you think how can this AI be used in your world?

This session is for you if…you are curious/interested on future tech trends.

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