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Director of Netherlands and Experian Northern Europe CIS & Analytics Director - Experian

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Veronica Flyckt is Director of Experian Netherlands and Consumer Information Services & Analytics Director for Northern Europe at Experian. Veronica has worked at Experian for around seven years in various roles and she is now responsible for the Northern Europe consumer information services commercial business, as well as analytics including product development. Her business experience is grounded in various quantitative credit risk management roles and leading high-performing teams.

Veronica is looking to stars for inspiration. Literally. She has a background in Engineering Physics, including the study of Astronomy and research at European Southern Observatory as well as research within the healthcare sector. The interest in quantitative areas has set the basis and interest to pursue her career in analytics and technology. It is never boring and a continuously and fast-evolving field.

She looks for solutions, innovation and latest trends how to use data and analytics to create products, insights and value for both businesses and end-consumers. Veronica gets most excited when collaborating with other talented people, being able to innovate and create new solutions internally and for Experian’s clients. She feels energised when she can make a significant impact and achieve great results in an exciting environment where she can learn and develop every day.

Speaker Sessions


Maximising The Power Of Data Using Artificial Intelligence

60 mins
  • Data
  • Premium Only
  • Veronica Flyckt

    Director of Netherlands and Experian Northern Europe CIS & Analytics Director


  • Benidine De Kock

    Analytics Consultant Lead


  • Maryna Russell

    Sales Director


In the modern world, data is everywhere. Being able to understand that data through the process of analytics has also become increasingly important – for individuals and for businesses. Understanding data can help shape our understanding of innovation potential, new trends, finances, or business target audiences. Data coupled with the power of artificial intelligence can help with better businesses decisioning in both the short and long term. But how much do we really understand about that data we put out into and take from the world? And how does artificial intelligence play a role in the credit risk journey?

Discover the value of data in today’s world from the leadership, sales and analytics perspectives – focusing specifically on consumer impact and the benefits of knowledge about how and why data is used. The session will also cover the importance of understanding what your data says about you from a credit management perspective – empowering attendees to manage their data with confidence.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Data is a key factor in the modern world and understanding how to interpret data is already critical
  • AI is the future in data and analytics, and a useful tool for managing credit risk
  • An understanding of how and why data is used to benefit businesses and consumers in credit management
  • A unique and well-rounded female leader perspective in the use of AI in data and analytics

This sessions is for you if…

  • You are a Business leader who is managing their personal and professional finances
  • Attendees who work closely with data and analytics in their current roles
  • Those looking for a deeper understanding of the value of data of data interpretation from the raw collection to the end consumer

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