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Wei Li, vice president of Software D&E (Development & Engineering) at ASML, oversees scanner software development, architectural design, engineering environment and data and digital platform development. She is a board member of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council at ASML and a strong advocate for women leadership in technology. Wei focused on software and computer science after studying both electrical engineering and biophysics. “I used computers to do simulations in biophysics, and I really felt that my passion was on the simulation side,” she explains. Originally from China, Wei completed a dual degree from Louisiana State University (a PhD in physics and a master’s degree in computer science).

Fun Fact: She checked many boxes of diversity herself.

Speaker Sessions

Panel Discussion

Building The Future – Delivering A Digital Evolution

60 mins
  • Track - Plan
  • Leadership
  • Transformation
  • Workforce
  • Wei Li

    Vice President D&E Software


  • Elly An de Boer

    Lead Digital & Data Transformation


  • Emma Song

    Group Lead Software Product Architecture


Innovations in software development, digital transformations, data and analytic applications are accelerating at an unprecedented speed and have huge potential to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. Explore how to continually deliver at the cutting-edge of technological progress.

Software plays a pivotal role within transformation, from the embedded software inside our systems to machine learning and analytic applications. Over the past decade, we’ve been managing the technology evolution in our scanner software. We’ve learned how to shape and implement our strategies for adopting emerging technologies to enhance capabilities, while also dealing with aging technology to create more value for our customers. And we’re also looking beyond our past and current success, to envision the future of our software development and establish our strategy of digital transformation, building up a common digital platform in collaboration with our suppliers and customers.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Explore strategis for adopting emerging technologies to enhance system capabilities and to create more value for your customers
  • Learn how to shape and implement software development strategies
  • Discover how to establish true collaboration from various perspectives to work smarter and faster

This session is for you if…you want to be inspired by how our technology leaders work, think and gain valuable knowledge for your own development journeys.

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